Learn how healthy options for school vending can improve attentiveness, improved behavior, and an increase in test scores. We are committed to helping schools choose the right options for healthy vending machines and in this article we will explain more about how to achieve this goal.

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As school administrators and teachers, work days begin LONG before the first bell rings.

You arrive early to prepare everything necessary for the day and stay late grading papers and filing paperwork. You spend most of your day and eat the majority of your meals at work.

Throughout the day, work and meals overlap. Sometimes a snack is all you have time for! Healthy snacks are available for schools and proven to make a difference for both teachers, administrators, and students.

Healthy snacks for staff result in overall improvement of health & well-being for the institution, not just students.

We provide options for healthy vending in schools not only to students, but to administrators and staff as well. If Administrators and staff don’t feel attentive, energetic, and healthy, our efforts to improve students’ academic performance will be for nothing.

Installing School Vending with Healthy Snacks

For those early mornings Trend Vending offers Office Coffee Vending with a variety of tasty options from French Vanilla to Butterfinger. For non-coffee drinkers we also offer refreshing tea options which is another healthy school vending option!

We are one of the only qualified Company Kitchen Suppliers in Central Pennsylvania where we turn the staff break room into your home kitchen. Try this revolutionary vending option with very high nutritional choices such as salads, sandwiches, snacks, beverages, and even fruit!

healthy-snacksSchool Vending Healthy Snacks for Students

Districts across the country are now mandated to provide healthy school vending options for students, but there are more reasons than that to choose better food for your students/teachers.

Students resort to eating lunch from the vending because it is easily accessible and more affordable. In a study conducted by the American Dietetic Association of 4,322 middle school students:

“eighteen percent of respondents reported purchasing a snack or beverage from a vending machine 2 or more days during the previous 5 school days instead of buying school lunch.”

Side-Effects of Junk Foods

  • Weight gain leading to possible obesity
  • Lack of energy and ability to focus for long periods of time
  • Increases rate of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke
  • Negative impact on self-esteem which can result in depression
  • More likely to score lower on tests

Side-Effects of Healthier Food Options

  • Increased consumption of nutrients to foster healthy growth
  • Healthier decisions when given the option
  • Boost in brainpower resulting in higher test scores
  • Bolster student grades for the long term

Trend Vending breaks the unhealthy vending stigma by providing your students with the food and beverages necessary to improve academic performance.

Instead of being filled with heavy sugar junk food, they are filled with nutritious snacks from national brands and healthy brand name vending products in Central Pennsylvania.

Some healthy snacks for schools we offer:

  • Baked Lay’s Chips
  • Nature Valley and Clif Bars
  • Fruit and Nut Trail Mix
  • Rold Gold Pretzel Thins
  • Fresh Apple Slices & Cheese Snack Boxes

We offer a wide assortment of your favorite food and beverages, but the list goes on. We can customize a healthy snacks menu based on your school vending needs, please contact us to find the perfect solution.

Why Choose Us for School Vending?

Together we can decrease the amount of obese children in the world and it starts with a healthier diet in schools.

Our schools currently using healthy vending options are already seeing results in student attentiveness, improved behavior, and an increase in test scores. Students are the future and education is their gateway to success. School administrators and staff provide them with the knowledge necessary to thrive in life.

Options of healthy vending at schools for both students and teachers cultivate an overall improvement of the institution.

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