Healthy Vending Machines

Trend Vending is committed to providing you and your office with healthy vending machine options to boost overall wellness and lifestyle goals. We know that healthy employees are happy employees! With our healthy vending machines, you can inspire your employees to make nutritious choices, even during busy workdays and on the go.

Benefits of Providing Healthy Vending Options

Prepackaged Salads are a great option for healthy vending machinesWholesome food provides energy and sustenance so your employees can power through a successful, productive day. But healthy eating habits don’t only benefit each individual employee. Proper nutrition also reduces the risk of illness, therefore decreasing the amount of sick days needed and lessening the impact of expensive time loss on your company.

By offering healthy snack, beverage, and meal options, Trend Vending works in partnership with you to promote a healthy lifestyle as a foundational part of your company culture. The success of your business depends on the wellness of your employees. We make healthy vending an easy and convenient option.

Healthy Vending Machine Services Made Easy

Our fresh salads, sandwiches, and snacks are prepared locally by Continental Food Services in York, PA and R&K Subs in Palmyra, PA. These healthy meal and snack options are not only delicious, they are created with fresh, nutritious ingredients for health benefits and sustained energy.

Trend Vending makes selecting healthy options simple! Look for the green labels indicating products contain less than 35% fat, 10% saturated fat, and obtain less than 35% of their total weight from sugars.

options for healthy vending machines

Healthy Options for Vending Machines

Eating right is simple when numerous healthy options are right at your fingertips. Trend Vending services local schools and businesses to bring healthy snack options everyone will enjoy. In addition to traditional vending snacks, we offer many nutritious alternatives.

With a variety of low-fat, low-sugar snacks and beverages, everyone is guaranteed to be satisfied when hunger kicks in. Some healthy snacks we offer include:

  • Baked Lay’s Chips
  • Kind Bars, Nature Valley, and Clif Bars
  • Fruit and Nut Trail Mix
  • Rold Gold Pretzel Thins
  • Fresh Apple Slices & Cheese Snack Boxes

Did you know consuming whole grains has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease? Grains are also the primary sources of necessary vitamins and minerals. Trend Vending also offers a wide range of whole grain options for your healthy vending machine including favorites such as whole wheat Pop Tarts, Nutri-Grain Bars, Rice Krispies, and more.

Healthier Beverage Vending Options

Trend Vending offers a variety of bottled waters, vitamin-enhanced beverages, fruit juices, diet soda and low-sugar drink options to make selecting a healthier beverage the easier option. Along with our full range of Coca Cola and Pepsi products, our variety of healthy drinks allows you to bring a balanced beverage vending machine to your office.

Micro Market Wellness Programs

Looking for an alternative to traditional vending machines?

Company Kitchen micro market vending offers the perfect solution. With a wide variety of wholesome meals, snacks, and beverages available around the clock to employees, eating right is easy and convenient.

The accompanying Company Kitchen wellness program makes it easy to track the healthy habits of groups of employees, making it easy for HR to implement rewards and incentives to inspire the entire office to live a healthier lifestyle.