Soda Vending Machines

soda and beverage vending machineAt Trend Vending, we understand the importance of a comfortable workplace. Liven up your break room with a variety of soda vending machines and other cold beverage vending services to keep your office productive, refreshed, and satisfied. Providing your employees with water, sodas, and other refreshments will boost not only their day, but the company as a whole.

We offer full-service vending solutions from installation to maintenance. Select from a variety of machine styles to suit your office preferences.

Many machines come with a bill and coin collector as well as a credit card slot, so there are multiple convenient payment options for your employees. Our cold beverage vending machines are whisper silent and energy efficient, installed at no cost to you.

Coke Vending Machines

We provide Coca Cola Vending machines stocked with all of your employees’ favorite beverages. Select from a variety of Coca Cola products including regular and diet sodas as well as low-calorie and healthy beverage vending options. Some beverages include:

  • Coca Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Sprite
  • Sprite Zero
  • Monster Energy
  • Dasani bottled water

Pepsi Vending Machines

Our Pepsi Vending Machines come stocked with a variety of cold beverages your employees will love. Some Pepsi products include:

  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Aquafina bottled water
  • Mountain Dew
  • Lipton Iced Tea

Other Products Include:

  • Snapple Teas
  • 7-Up
  • A&W Root Beer
  • Canada Dry
  • Turkey Hill Milk, Tea, and Drinks
  • Bai Drinks

Contact us for all beverage vending options.

Beverage Vending Services

At Trend Vending, we carry the vending machine style perfect for your office stocked with your office’s favorite cold beverages. Our machines are installed at no cost to you! Complete your break room with a snack vending machine and keep your employees energized with our office coffee solutions.

You’ll never go thirsty with Trend Vending! We offer 24-hour customer service ensuring your machine will be fully functioning every time you need it.

Contact us today to discuss your office beverage vending needs.